Roofing Companies Near Me

Roofing companies near me and roofing in Charlotte NC

Locating roofing companies near me is hard since they always add and remove roofing companies. After locating an accreditable roofing company, a new roofing company near me appears and I go and see how they compare to my previous choice. After going back and forth for a couple weeks, it was clear that a checklist was needed when searching for roofing companies near me. I needed a roofing contractor that was BBB accredited, a roofing contractor that had positive reviews, and a roofing contractor that offered roof maintenance in the future.

BBB accredited roofing contractor

BBB accredited roofing  contractors  are required to meet high standards to maintain accredited. Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization where roofing companies near me like to apply and maintain their status. Working with a roofing contractor in Charlotte NC that is listed on the BBB provides reassurance that my roof with be completed by a good company. In the past, homeowners would be scammed by roofing contractors that would take the money and never do the work. Homeowners can easily have avoided this headache if they were to locate a roofing contractor in good standings with BBB. Like most companies, reviews from past customer is as useful as word of mouth.

Roofing Contractor That Had Positive Reviews

Most review sites offer pictures, tips and recommendation to other customers when using a roofing contractor. These reviews and recommendations can very easily assist with choosing roofing companies near me. After reading multiple reviews and reviews pictures, I had funneled my choices of roofing contractor to a five roofing companies near me.  Called and scheduled a few free roof inspection and based off what was presented, I made my choice.

Roofing Contractor That Offers Roof Maintenance

After the roofing companies near me provided a roof replacement quote, I asked for preventive maintenance care packages. It is highly recommended that after each full roof replacement  the homeowner signs up for a roof maintenance program. This will ensure that your roof will have professional eyes on it every year, and every five years you will have a re-caulk job one the pipe boots and all exposed nails. By purchasing a maintenance program, I am guaranteed that my roof will last the promised manufacture lifetime.

After reviewing all the roofing companies near me, I was confident with my choice. Charlotte Pro Roofing has an outstanding relationship with BBB, Google review, Yelp, etc. They have credentials not only from BBB but home advisor, Angie’s List, Porch, GAF, Owens Corning and many others.  The best part was that they provided a maintenance program that guaranteed my roofs expected life and kept my manufacturer’s warranty.