Roof maintenance

Roof maintenance

Every day you are getting older and older. Don’t deny it. Every day takes a little toll on us, little by little. Knowing that we are getting older, we take precautions to attempt to delay the process – we eat healthy (most of the time), we take our morning walks and visit the doctor for check-ups to make sure we don’t have any serious problems. At the end of the day, it is the small actions we do daily that delay severe issue that can reduce our lives.

A roof is similar to us. The expose to the sun, rain, snow, the a/c repairman and many other factors are done on a daily basis to a roof. These factors all take a toll slowly to the membrane of the roof until the life of a roof is expired. Every additional year one can eke out of the roof is that much extra money that can be saved. A roofing system does not need healthy food, exercise, or doctor check-ups. Roofs need regular inspections done by professional roofing contractors and promoted roof repairs.

You may wonder, what are the benefits in spending money annually maintain you roof? After a collection of research is was discovered that a well-maintained roof will last its manufactured expected life. In contrast, a poorly maintained roof will last a homeowner half its life.

A handful of people would say “That is why we purchased a warranty.” Don’t think a warranty will help if your roof has not been maintained. Most roofing manufacturers clearly state that if a homeowner doesn’t have proof (Invoices, receipt, estimates) of maintenance, then the warranty can be voided.

Experienced homebuilders know that a roof on a residential building needs to be inspected twice a year. Most homebuilders hire third party contractors to do the inspection and evaluate the condition of the roof. The initial choice comes down to the cheapest guy to do the roof inspection, hired by the homebuilder. Homeowners are always better off going to an accredited roofing contractor in their area. Charlotte Pro Roofing will provide 3 major issues to be on the look out when doing a maintenance roof inspection.

1. Exposed Roofing Nails:

Expose roofing nails are easily spotted when walking around the roof. Not the case if you are looking at a roof from ground level. If the nail has been exposed to the weather they will look rusted. The rusted nail provides a pathway for water to get into the attic and later into the home. Charlotte Pro Roofing ensures that after each full roof replacement, or roof repair we caulk all exposed nail with NP1.

2. Sun cracking ventilation boots:

Cracking roofing boots are caused by a combination of sun exposure,wind storms and hail storms. Over time the sun dries out the rubber causing it to crack. Hail storms break off the dried rubber, and the high winds blow it off the roofs. Charlotte Pro roofing makes an extra effort to put NP1 roofing caulk around the roofing boot and the ventilation pipe. We also use a high-grade ice and water barrier to protect the boots from the elements. These measures ensure extended life on the roofing ventilation pipes.

3. Loose Granules:

The primary cause of loose granules is foot traffic caused by other people and hail storms. When the A/C man is on your roof doing a repair, every step he takes causes granules to loosen. Also, whenever hail hits a shingle, the impact can cause the granules to loosen. Over time the granules are gone and the internal roofing components can get exposed. Charlotte Pro Roofing offers temporary patches for loosened granules. We apply tar over the damaged area. Next, we take loose granules from the gutter and apply them over the area. This will work as a tempory fix.

If you are in need of a free roof inspection due to neglected roof inspections, feel free to schedule it with Charlotte Pro Roofing. We offer the best products, backed up by our 10-year workmanship warranty. We have been doing this for 15 years so we know most solutions to defective roofs. Call for a free estimate 704-575-3185.

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