Roofing Ice & Water Shield Underlayment

Roofing Ice & Water Shield underlayment
What is Ice & Water Shield?

Ice & water shield underlayment is one the most reliable barriers from leaks on your valleys.  The introduction of roofing Ice & Water shield underlayment started over 35 years ago.  Today manufacturers are taking the basic elements of the compound. Manufacturers are also improving the structure and the composition of the material. Ice & water shield underlayment works best when the material is installed correctly and in the needed areas only.

Where To Install Ice & Water Shield, Depending On The Region

Roofing contractors install ice & water shield underlayment using different styles. For example, Home Evolution is a roofing company located in Albany NY.  Albany gets a lot of snowstorms in the winter. So it has customers with ice and snow-related problems. Home evolution would apply roofing ice & water shield around the roof perimeters and valleys. They also use it around the ventilation pipes, and around the chimney. The Roofing contractors in Charlotte NC do not face major ice and snow-related roof problems. But we deal with a lot of heat and high winds problems.

Installing ice & water shield

It is very important to make sure that the roofing ice & water shield underlayment is installed properly. That way you will obtain full functionality of the roofing ice & water shield underlayment. First, you need to purchase the product from a roofing supplier that stores the product in a cool area. If the product is not stored correctly, the adhesive can lose its adhesiveness. The material can also crack when not stored correctly. After getting the material on the roof, peel the release liner from the membrane. Hold the membrane in place with substantial hand weight to secure the position. You will probably need to get assistance from a friend. Have them pull the roofing ice & water shield along the needed area. Lastly, when the material is in place, apply hand pressure throughout the membrane to remove all air bubbles.


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