Roofing Companies In Indian Trail NC

roofing companies in indian trail nc

Roofing companies in Indian Trail NC are scares in that area due to being located next to a megacity, Charlotte NC. Charlotte Pro Roofing has seen that homeowners residing in Indian Trail are in need of a professional roofing contractor due to the nature storms, lack of professional roofing contractors and home builders roofing mistakes that they leave after a home is built.

Natural Hail and wind Storms:

For the most part, Charlotte NC and surrounding areas usually get a few hail and wind storms throughout the year. Whenever a home owner’s dwelling gets hit with a storm, they are at the risk of missing roofing asphalt shingle or missing shingle granules. Roofing damages happen, but because the issue occurs on the roof, were most homeowners do not climb to perform a roof inspection to ensure that their roof is still in good shape, so they hire a local roofing contractor. The only problem is that roofing companies in Indian Trail NC are even worst. They perform a sidewalk inspection of the roof and provide a roofing quote with even seeing the roof. This is why Charlotte Pro Roofing is becoming a roofing company in Indian Trail, to better serve the community.

Lack Of Professional Roofing Contractors:

Most roofing contractor in Charlotte NC tends to stay within Charlotte due to the amount of work that is available. Roofers in Concord NC stay within Concord NC, roofers in Matthews NC stay within Matthews NC, but Charlotte Pro roofing expands their professional work throughout the surrounding area of Charlotte NC, eliminating all unprofessional roofing contractors. Being in the roofing business for over fifteen years, you see roofing companies come and go due to unsatisfied customers filing complaints with BBB, county office, and with major review sites.  These complaints speak a reputation about a roofing contractor and overtime they don’t get enough business to stay in business forcing them to go out of business. Not all roofing contractors in Indian Trail NC present a sloppy work ethic but at times home builders present themselves as careless builders.

Home Builders Roofing Mistakes:

Unfortunately very often homebuilders that build subdivisions tend to hire the cheapest roofing contractors when it comes to putting on roofs on new homes. In the last five years, Charlotte Pro Roofing would get calls from confused homeowners. These calls would start by them explaining to us that they are the first homeowners that live in that home, for less than 5 years. We put them on the schedule and send out a professional roofing inspector to take a look at the roof. Durning the free roof inspection, we find loads of home builders roofing mistakes such as leftover roofing material debris, high nailing and major mechanical damages. Most of these mistakes are not covered by homeowners insurances, forcing homeowners to pay from their pockets. Charlotte Pro Roofing recommends that all new home purchases get inspected by professional roofing contractors to ensure homeowners that they are going to be covered for years.

When it comes to roofing companies in Indian Trail NC, you must be on the look out for the issues mentioned in the blog, or you can call a reputable roofing contractor such as Charlotte Pro Roofing and avoid a headache.