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Roofing Debris after Roof Replacement

After each roof replacement, roofing contractors in Charlotte NC have a responsibility to clean up their mess. That has not been the case in Charlotte NC. Each roof inspection that is conducted by Charlotte Pro roofing ends up with the estimator coming down with a pocket full of roofing debris. Roofing debris has the ability to age your roof, weaken the shingles and have a cosmetic sore eye towards the roof.

To allow debris to gather not only slows down proper water flow but advocates dry-rot, depreciating the wood and expediting the loss of the life of the roof. Below the debris algae collect and start to grow. Algae is a serious problem that would need serious attention before it gets worse. Charlotte roofers highly recommend that homeowner takes special precaution to any type of growth. Dry-rot is the process of fungal timber decay due to exposed plywood and poor ventilation. Dry shingles do the best job in keeping a home away from the weather.  The aftermath of a roof that has debris is dry-rot. This is the case because the shingles that have debris do not get exposed to sunlight. Wet conditions are perfect for algae/moss growth. Don’t be a victim to poor roofing contractors that do not clean up after themselves.

The best way to locate a roofing contractor that has a good record of cleaning roofing debris is by a reference list. Previous customers of a roofing contractor have the best source for raw information. If they didn’t like something, they would pass the information other people so that they don’t get burned. Roofing contractors in Charlotte NC need to have a strong reference list so that new customers are informed about their work. Also, most roofing contractors have videos of how they do roof replacement or roof repairs. Request this information to see how they clean off debris off the roof. Charlotte Pro Roofing has these video on their Youtube page.