Roof replacement

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Roof replacement

To compare all home-related projects, roof replacement is the number one project. Roofing overtakes all other projects, because the roof is what keep the home livable. Each and every investment you attempt, from floor replacement on down to the most delicate swipe of paint, will be demolished in the event that you don’t guarantee you home with a roof. Prior to conducting a roof replacement, you will need to understand these three basics about roof replacements.

Choose to keep or remove the old shingles

By keeping the old roofing shingles on the roof, you can avoid a serious headache. First off, minimal waste will be left after the project. You can save money on getting a waste container or landfill fees. The possibility of losing a roofing nail in the grass is reduced. Also, the roofing contractor can cut the roof replacement time in half. Although this may be true, it does not outweigh the consequences that follow if the old shingles are not removed. First off the weight of the shingles is not recommended. This can be a roofing framing issue, particularly for more aged houses. The bigger issues that roofers in Charlotte NC see is that the height creates an opening for water entrance. Water leaks lead to dry rotting of the roofing decking. Roofers in Charlotte NC alway recommend doing full roof replacement the correct way, by removing the old shingles.

Understand the basic methods of Roofing

When conducting a roof replacement, roofing rookies need to understand basic roofing vocabulary and methods. A roofing square is made of three bundles of shingles. A roofing square is 100 square feet. Secondly, understand the roofing installation. The process of what is needed to be stripped, and what can be reused. Roofing shingles need to scrapped, but ridge vents can be refurbished. At Charlotte Pro roofing, we don’t recommend it. Lastly, understand the secondary components of a roofing system like gutters, rakes and eaves. Understand the basic methods of roofing will prepare your roofing project.

Save time and money

The cost to begin a roof replacement varies on roofing material (This is from 3-tab shingle to tile shingles ending in cedar shingles). Price plays a role when picking out a roofing contractor. Roofing contractors are like a doctor, they know every nail that is nailed to the roof. Homeowners can either pick a smart roofing contractor or a cheap, a chuck in the truck roofer. Lastly, the amount that needs to be covered and the pitch of the roof. This will determine the amount that will need to be ordered.

Roof replacement factors very between importance, therefore, make sure homeowners fully understand the whole process. Roofing season will be the worst time to have a roofing contractor install your roof, due to the high volume that they would be encountering. Review all the roofing factors that go into a roof to ensure you are going to be satisfied in the end.


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