Gutters and Roofing systems

Leaf Guard Gutters

Most every roof in United states has some kind of gutter system that is used to prevent rain getting into the basement and close to the home’s foundation. These folks in Charlotte North Carolina seemed to have a premium gutter system, the LeafGuard Gutters, but looking at the fairly new Barkwood architectural shingles, it seems that when the installers came out to replace the roof, they damaged the fasteners that hold the gutters to the roof. During this past month, Charlotte has been hit with some brutal rain, due to both tropical storm Colin and Bonnie, this house has now been exposed to water being able to get into the garage and basement, and also, the home’s foundation is at risk. The hurricane season started a few days ago, and the brutal winds and rain storms are around the corner, if you have a new roof, but the gutters are defective, then you are jeopardizing more than you think. Charlotte Pro roofing has installed multiple roof replacements in the Charlotte NC, and every time we see a gutter system in place, we take additional precaution to ensure not to damage them.