Understanding a roof dormer

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A new hairstyle, a different outfit, a new shade of makeup all work together to arrange a person’s appearance. A dormer, in a way, does the same thing. A dormer is installed within a roofing system for two reasons. The most common reason is to increase or enlarge a space. This is done in a bonus room or in an attic. The other reason is to help create an additionally breathing space in the attic. A trick that we use at Charlotte Pro Roofing to identify what the house has is by looking at the face, or gable of the dormer. If the dormer has windows than it is used to create additional room. If the face has a louvered vent, then it is used to assist with the ventilation of the attic and the roof. Most residential housing uses dormers to increase the space in the attic. The hyperlink shows an example of how fascinating different dormers can be.

Some common issues with roof dormers are that they create a great place for leaks. Around the dormer, it is required to put flashing all around the sides. If this doesn’t get done right, the dormer will be a great spot for a leak to start. Roofing contractors are required to install certain flashing a certain way. All roofing manufacter have this information available to the public.

Roofing dormer is a nice feature to be added to a house. When they are not done correctly, it can be a real hassle. If you are considering to add dormers to your home, do your research. Find roofers that have a good track record with installations. The other option is to contact Charlotte Pro Roofing and have them do it for you.