Roof Replacement & Insurance Deductible

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A deductible is Every Homeowner’s Financial Responsibility

When filing a homeowner’s insurance claim for a roof replacement, every homeowner should understand that there is going to be an insurance deductible that will need to be paid in full by the homeowner. A deductible is the homeowner’s financial responsibility after the roof has been approved for a replacement or a repair.

The Importance Of Collecting Deductible.

Very often we get customers asking if they could get their roof replaced without paying the deductible. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “No”. The deductible needs to be collected in order for us to proceed with the roof replacement.

Today it is easy to find roofers that will offer their customers a new roof without collecting the deductible payment. However, they are not doing the homeowners a favor by not collecting the deductible. Most of the time these types of roofers will cut corners and cheap out on the roof materials which will turn out to be a problem for the homeowners in the long run.

The roofers who are not collecting the deductible are also committing insurance fraud. When homeowners hire a roofer who offers them a roof without collecting the deductible they are automatically taking part in a crime.

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