Roof leak repair

Roof leak repairs in Charlotte NC

Roof leak repair is the first thing to come to mind when homeowners find water stains on the ceilings. Roofing repairs are always the cheaper way to resolve roofing leaks. Unfortunately, the cheaper route is only cheaper in the short run, in the big picture it is a receipt for disaster. Looking at the bigger picture, roofing repairs are a temporary patch to cover small issues. Lurking below there are bigger issues on hand, and only a professional roofer in Charlotte NC will be able to locate the issue. Charlotte Pro Roofing does not recommend roof leak repair, but if the homeowner insists we can assist with the repair. Our involvement will be by providing homeowners with these three simples steps to locate and doing the repair.

Locating the roof leak

The first step to doing a roof leak repair is by locating where the leak is coming from. Start by doing the simplest roofing inspection, which it by getting on top of the roof. After you are the top of the roof, locate the area from where the roof leak is coming from. Do this step with extreme precaution. In most cases, if you are seeing a leak then the plywood decking below roofing asphalt shingles is damaged and fragile. If the problem is not located on the top, you are going to have to go into the attic. In the attic take a flashlight and locate black mold spots, leaking water, or black streaks. This will indicate the area from which the water is running down. Lastly, take a hose put it on the roof a bit higher than the leaking sites. Turn it on and let the water run. In a certain time, the water will drain into the hole. The culprit will be located.

Fixing the roof leak

After locating the site of damaged roofing you will need to prepare the needed material to do the roofing repair. The basic tools for a roof leak repair is a hammer, a crowbar, nails, caulk, caulk gun, razor bland/holder, cap nail, roofing cement, extra shingles and extra tar paper. It can be possible that the situation that you are in will require more material. After the material is gathered, get on top of the home and straighten out all shingles if any of them are curled up. Take caulk and caulk the shingle back to the roofing system. After that is completed, apply roofing cement around the area to seal off all leaks. Do the same thing in the attic to ensure that all the leaks are cut off.

Testing your roof leak repair

After the roof repair and a couple hours pass, you are going to need to test the patch. Get on top of the roof with a hose. Next, place the hose directly over the leak. Following the activation of the water hose, get into the attic to where the roof leak was detected. Allow the water to run for thirty minutes, and watch it verify that all the exposed holes have been covered. Lastly, carefully turn the water off and make your way down the ladder.

A roof leak repair takes a while to completed and almost guaranteed that you may have another lea in another area. Roofing contractor in Charlotte NC try to stay away from roof repairs but provide affordable, long last full roof replacements. One trick roofers use to identify that homeowners need a new roof is if it is leaking, and has been repaired in the past. Do not be a victim to quick fixes, do the smarter option and get a quote for a full replacement, and see if you homeowners insurance will cover the damages.

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