Roof Repairs- Camouflaging the Problem.

roof repairs

Every so often we come across some interesting roofs in Charlotte, and today was one of those days! While heading over to do an estimate for a customer, I had to stop and do a double take to make sure I was not seeing things. The roof in the above picture is an intersecting gable roof that has mismatching shingles installed on it throughout the whole house. Although it looks like the house is protected from the elements, it definitely tells a story.
The left side of the house has mismatching architectural shingles while the whole right side still has the original three tab shingles. From quickly examining the roof, it looks like there was a roof leak on the left side so it was covered up with whatever shingles they had, or the installer had. From our perspective, they might as well have covered up the other side to match because the three tab shingles will need to be replaced soon as well. Although this may have been a “financially sound” decision at the time, in the long run the other side will have to be replaced anyways. Camouflaging the problem with a low cost solution is never the right solution in the long run.
Although a new roof is an investment in your home, Charlotte pro roofing always recommends any homeowner does it right once, instead of having to dish out money for constant repairs of leaks. Ask us how a roof replacement on your home can give you the peace of mind knowing your roof is covered by a 50 year warranty!
As always, Charlotte Pro Roofing offers free estimating services and would be happy to go over all the solutions available to the homeowner so that you can choose the solution that suits your needs and provides the best available protection for your home.