New Roof in Charlotte NC

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New Roof in Charlotte NC

“Do I need a New Roof In Charlotte NC?” We hear this question every time after a big storm passes by us. The answer is “Maybe”. You don’t always need a new roof after some storm-related damage is done to your house. Sometimes you can just get it fixed with simple repairs done to your roof. At Charlotte Pro Roofing we offer free estimates, so you can feel free to call us and request one anytime. We will take a look at your roof and then will be able to tell you if you need a new roof or just a repair job done. If we do find enough damage on your roof to file a claim with your Home Insurance we take pictures of the damage.

Will my Home Insurance cover my new Roof?

 “Will my Home insurance cover the new Roof?” Our customers also ask.  It’s a very tricky question, which we can not give you the exact answer to. You will need to contact your Home Insurance company. Find out from your home insurance what’s covered by your policy. If you want to save yourself some trouble and rather have us do it for you then you would need to sign a Contingency Contract with Charlotte Pro Roofing, where you give us a full permission to communicate with your insurance company on your behalf.  Then we will need to schedule time for your Home Insurance Adjuster to review the damage on your roof.  We will also provide your insurance company with the pictures of the damage that we took earlier. And then your Home Insurance Company will decide if the damage on your roof is significant enough to qualify you for a New Roof or not.

Getting a new Roof in Charlotte NC  can be a long process but sometimes it’s well worth it.