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contingency agreement

Roofing contractors in Charlotte NC have started to use contingency agreement contracts prior to working with homeowners and insurance companies. Most roofing contractors have at least one incident where they did all the leg work, just to realize the homeowner when to another roofer just so that they can pocket some of the money. What is a contingency agreement contract? A contingency agreement is any contract that is introduced prior to any work being completed. Roofing contractors use a contingency agreement to secure that homeowner will stay with the roofing contractor during the whole process, from dealing with insurance companies to installing the new roof.

Can I get out of a contingency agreement contract? A contingency agreement contract is a binding contract between the homeowner and the roofing contractors. This contract can be released/ dismissed only if both parties come to an understanding. After the understanding, a separate release form has to be signed stating that both parties agree to dismiss the contract.

What are some tips to keep in mind prior to signing a contingency agreement? At Charlotte Pro Roofing we always make an effort not to pressure homeowners into signing until they feel comfortable with the company. We provide homeowners with all the needed tools to help them learn more about us and who we are. Additionally, alway try to get a list of prior customers. Try to contact them to see how their experience went. Lastly, if you think that something seems odd, don’t sign. After 21 years of service in Charlotte NC, we have seen dozens of companies come and go. These roofing contractors usually have the cheapest roof replacements prices, but they are not planning to stay. They take the money and you never hear back from them. Don’t fall into the net of scams.

In conclusion, a contingency agreement is a legal binding contract between two parties. If the contract is broken, the opposing party has the option to open a lawsuit. Next, do your research. Never sign a contract prior to understanding what is going to be done. Lastly, beware of fishy roofing contractors. Make sure they are licensed, insured and have a solid backbone. Charlotte Pro roofing has been covering the Carolinas for 21 years, so you can count on us to help you with your next roofing project.
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