Residential Roofers In Charlotte

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Traits To Look For In A Residential Roofer

When hiring a residential roofer in Charlotte NC, there are specific traits that you should look for. These traits vary between the reputation of completing a full roof replacement without any damages or left over roofing debris, to keeping the cost of a full roof replacement reasonable. Residential roofers in Charlotte NC need to also acquire the skill to complete all aspects of a new roof installation or a roof repair. Skills of working with roofing skylights, roofing gutters installation and even attic insulation are all a plus to a residential roofer in Charlotte NC. When hiring a residential roofer in Charlotte NC, they need to also have the skills to let you know the condition of your roof, and how long you can keep it until you will start to see more damages. If repairs are needed to the roof, then the roofing contractor in Charlotte NC should be able to provide that to you.

The Best Residental Roofer In Charlotte NC

After a storm, roofing storm chasers go door to door and try to sell new roofs to Charlotte homeowners. The best advice is to avoid these kinds of roofing contractors. In contrast, after a storm, contact your friends and neighbor to see if they can recommend a residential roofing contractor.

After locating a residential roofer, one question to ask them is “Do you have the right general contractors licenses and insurance? ” If the residential roofer hesitates, or does not have insurance, it is best to move on to your next roofer, and cross them off.

If the job is for a full roof replacement, always ask ” What is my warranty with this roof?” Other great questions to ask your roofer is “Are you a BBB accredited roofing contractor in Charlotte NC?” and “Do you have a reference list that I can contract?”. By having a strong foundation, between you past customers, you can ask them to spread the good word about your company and the work you do.

Another great question to ask your residential roofer, is “Is Charlotte Pro Roofing a family-owned company?”. Homeowners in Charlotte NC understand that family orientated roofing  companies in Charlotte NC take pride in the work that they do. Their reputation as the best roofing company in Charlotte NC  needs to stick to get business in  the city. If the company is providing sophomoric quality work, then they won’t last too long. The last great feature of a locally owned company is that if an issue needs to be addressed, the chain of command is fairly small, so getting your issues resolved would be a breeze.

Lastly, to filter out storm chasers from your list of potential roofers to hire list, you must always ask “How long has your roofing company been in business?”. Storm chasers tend to have to change business names, due to a negative reputation that follows behind them. Therefore by asking how long they have been in business, you can be sure that they are a residential roofing company.

Charlotte Pro Roofing, who are they?

Charlotte Pro Roofing is a residential roofing contractor that has been in the business for 15 years. We have past customers that have seen our work, and willing to tell you all about it. We serve Charlotte NC, Stallings NC, Indian Trail NC, Waxhaw NC, Matthews NC and much more surrounding cities. We are a BBB accredited roofing contractor with an A+ rating.  If you need a roofing contractor to take a look at your roof, contact Charlotte Pro Roofing today.