New Roof Installed In the Winter In Charlotte NC

New Roof Installed in the Winter in Charlotte NC

Is it possible to get a new roof installed in the winter in Charlotte NC? We hear this question at Charlotte Pro Roofing all the time! The answer is: Yes!

An Accident Can Happen

 First of all what if you’ve had a major roofing catastrophe, say a tree fell on your home? Accidents can happen all the time, it doesn’t make a difference in the event that it is winter time or late spring.

Water Damage Could Occur

 Or let’s say you found out that there’s a great deal of water damage on your roof. There’s no way you can wait for spring to get a new roof installed.  You need a new roof ASAP.

That’s why at Charlotte Pro Roofing we work the whole year round and install new roofs in the winter just as we do in the summertime. And when our concerned homeowners start searching for an answer. We always have a positive answer for them. 

Many homeowners are afraid that the roofers don’t work in the winter because of the cold weather or slippery roofs. And We all have to admit it is more difficult to install roofs in the winter.  But here at Charlotte Pro Roofing, we work hard the whole year long to take a great care of our customers.

Installing a new roof in the winter may take a little longer than it would in the summer or springtime. The reason for that is the roofers have to take great care. They need to store materials appropriately and also wait for clear days. But it is done all the time! All you need to do is give us a call and request a free estimate. We will send someone out asap and take care of your problem for you.

Again, can you get a new roof installed in the winter? Yes, you can! Don’t ever hesitate to give us a call, we work hard the whole year long and will always be there for you. If you need a new roof as soon as possible. Don’t worry, at Charlotte Pro Roofing we’ve got you covered