Drip Edge – Roof Flashing – Roofing & Gutters

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Roofing Drip Edge System

Roofers in Charlotte that have been in the business for decades understand the importance of a roofing drip edge system. A drip edge system on a roof increases the life span of the roof by years. The drip edge prevents two major issues that are common in Charlotte NC. Water damaged roofing decking and rodents getting into the attic. When a roof replacement happens, it is very common to find dry rotted plywood near the gutters, off the fascia. This is because water has access to the plywood through the drip off the shingles. Rodents have sharp teeth that can easily bite through wood, but not so much for metal. The drip edge system will prolong the life of the roof with a roofing drip edge system.

Roof Flashing Systems

Roofing in Charlotte NC will continue to have work for years due to bad installation by roofing contractors. Most roofing contractors in Charlotte NC understand that having a properly installed roofing system will extend the life of a roof and the belongings inside it. Step flashing has a 1,2,1 pattern that needs to be followed to ensure that all the water stays out of the home. When step flashing is not installed correctly, attics will get leaks that will be visible on the ceiling inside the home. A properly installed roof flashing system is important for every home in Charlotte NC.

Roofing & Gutters

As jelly is to peanut butter, roofing is to gutters. The gutter system can both be a good feature when installing properly, or a pain in the butt when not installed properly. The purpose of the gutters is to direct rain water away from dripping down to the foundation of the home. When a gutter system is not installed correctly, it can damage the fascia, the soffit vents, and even the attic space. To avoid this issue, make sure that the company that is installing the gutters have a good installation track record.

Charlotte Pro roofing has been in business for 11 years to see the good,the bad and the ugly. When a system is installed correctly with quality products, you can get years of good service.  But hen an installation is butchered, you will shortly see that you should have paid those extra dollars for the quality of your roof. The ugly is the worst, rotted plywood, eaten through attics, damaged shingles, house foundations damaged, and the list is endless. Word of advice, always have these three systems properly installed to avoid future damages.