Roofing Services In Charlotte NC During COVID-19

roofing in charlotte, quality roofing, roofing services during the pandemic,Roofing Services In Charlotte NC During COVID-19

A lot of concerned homeowners reach out to Charlotte Pro Roofing daily asking if we are offering our roofing services during COVID-19. The answer to that question is “Yes”. Very often our customers are calling with an active leak and the problem needs to be taken care of ASAP. In those cases, we cannot wait for weeks or months to take care of the problem and have to come out and take care of the issue immediately.

Charlotte NC was recently struck by a few hurricanes and many homeowners were in a need of roof repairs. In order to prevent any further damage to the roof and the interior of our customers, we had to go out and complete the repairs immediately.

Is It Safe To Meet With Our Roofing Representative During Covid-19

When Charlotte Pro Roofing Representative comes out to see the homeowner we make sure he wears a mask and does not go inside the customer’s home. The only reason our representative will go inside is when the homeowner has interior damage and needs us to provide him with a quote on the interior work.

Call Charlotte Pro Roofing if you are in a need of any type of roofing services today. Our roofing specialists will make sure to get your project completed in a timely manner and deliver high-quality results.