Roofing Contractors in Eastover, Charlotte NC

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Choose Your Contractor Carefully

There are a lot of roofing contractors in Eastover, Charlotte NC area.  But not all of them have all the knowledge when it comes to roofing. That’s why very often after hiring a roofer to fix a problem on the roof, people end up with a bigger problem at the end. But how can you tell if a roofing contractor is knowledgeable or not?

Locating a Licenced and BBB accredited Roofing Contractor

First of all, you need to make sure your roofing contractor is licensed. Some states require all their roofing contractors to have a license.  In the state of North Carolina, a roofing contractor is required to have a license only if the job is $30,000 and over.  But if the contractor has a license it doesn’t always guarantee a quality work. You will need to do more research.

You need to make sure that your roofer is a BBB accredited roofing contractor. A roofing contractor gets accredited by BBB when BBB decides that the contractor has met all their requirements. We have seen roofers take customers’ money for a roof replacement and disappear with it. If it was a licensed and BBB accredited roofing contractor he would never do something like that. Because he would lose his license and accreditations.

Call Us

Call Charlotte Pro Roofing and find out how we can help you and take care of your roof.  Or do a little bit of research about us and you will see that we are accredited by BBB roofing company.  Charlotte Pro Roofing has been in the roofing business for 15 years. We purchase our material from Owens Corning who manufactured the original asphalt. Our number one goal is our customers’ satisfaction. We also offer all our customers a manufacturers’ warranty on our products.

So if you are looking for reliable roofing contractors in Eastover, Charlotte NC area call us at 704 575-3185.