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For roofing contractors, replacing or repairing a roof may come as second nature. However, we realize that as a homeowner you are not on the roof everyday to inspect it to see if it’s still in good shape. That is why we’ve put together these “mobile updates” for everyone to see things from our perspective. These are quick mobile updates of our ongoing roofing projects in the Charlotte NC area as well as helpful information as we come across it so you can see it too!

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When looking for hail damage on the roof always check the gutters

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Some of the improper pipe boot installation on todays roof inspection lol
This is how wind damage looks like on the three tab roofing shingle
Question: What happens to my roof from hail damage? Answer: In the event of the hailstorm size of the hail makes all the difference. As you can see in this picture this roof suffered significant amount of damage from hail only .75 inches in diameter.