Quality Roofers In Charlotte NC

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Quality Roofers in Charlotte NC

Quality roofers in Charlotte NC are scarce. Let me explain. Very often roof installers will work for a certain contractor for a period of time until they feel like they can become roofers. They will then go into town hall apply for a business license and become “Professional Roofers”. As a professional roofer for 10 years plus, you see these roofers rise, and fall hard. The reason they get business is due to the cheap prices. In contrast, those prices reflect the quality of your roof, which in hindsight will cause you to call those contractors back. Your phone call will either be denied, go to a non-working number or you will be promised a fairy tale. Before hiring a qualified roofer in Charlotte NC, pre-qualify your roofer with these 3 basic quality questions.

Here are 3 signs of a high-quality roofing contractor in Charlotte NC:

1. The Contractor has positive reviews on Google.

In today’s time, reviewing a company based on the person’s experience is the new word of mouth. When a customer has a new roof installation or roof repairs completed, they let other people know about their experience. The same action is predicted by a homeowner if they don’t get treated well by a roofing contractor in Charlotte NC. The homeowner will put down a 1 star, and explain to another homeowner why they didn’t use them. If the contractor fixes the problem, they can kindly ask to change the review to a neutral outcome.

2. They are licensed and bonded.

It is a smart practice to always verify that your roofing contractor you hire has up to date licenses and bonded. A large selection of states requires roofing contractors to have a valid contractor’s license. In Charlotte NC, if the job is under thirty thousand dollars, then the contractor doesn’t need a contractors license.  Always check this information so that in a case of an injury, they will not be able to come after homeowner.


3. They hold professional credentials.

Roofing contractors are never required to go out of their way and obtain certain certification and credentials. The contractors that go out and invest time and money into certifications and credentials are the ones that believe in the work that they offer. Owens Corning manufactured the original asphalt, so why not have them help you as a roofing contractor? Charlotte Pro Roofing has obtained and hold certifications from Owens Corning, GAF, and many other manufacturers.

Whether you require minor rooftop repair or a totally new rooftop, Charlotte Pro Roofing is at your service. We are devoted to conveying remarkable outcomes and quality at focused costs, and our sole objective is to create long-term relationships with homeowners and building a trustworthy company. Contact us today to request a free estimate! If you are still looking for Quality Roofers search no more.