New Roofing Services in Fourth Ward, Charlotte NC

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Charlotte Pro Roofing offers a wide range of new roofing services in Fourth Ward, Charlotte NC area, that meet a variety of needs. When our customers are ready to replace their existing roof, we have solutions that are sure to fit their budget and their expectations. 

We Are There For You

If you are looking for the best source of new roofing services in Fourth Ward, Charlotte  North Carolina area, look no further than Charlotte Pro Roofing.  Our professional teams are here to ensure that you receive the best possible quality of roofing replacement or installation. Charlotte Pro Roofing will work hard with you extensively to identify the roofing that suits your space the best and meets your budgetary needs. We also will help you to file the claim with your insurance and get a full roof coverage by your home insurance.  

Asphalt Shingles

Charlotte Pro Roofing is capable of replacing and installing asphalt roofing shingles. Our helpful associates can help you pick the color of the shingles that will match your home. We buy our products from Owen Corning. Owen Corning manufactured the original asphalt and is a trusted manufacturer by the American society. 

Our New Roofing Services.

We replace flashing, vent boots, drip edge, underlayment and etc.  Also, our roofers will diligently inspect your roof for proper ventilation.  We use other products such as ice and water shields in your valleys. We also use cut in flashing around your chimneys to make sure you don’t get any leaks for many years.  Your roof keeps weather and elements at bay.  And you should only count on a trusted company like Charlotte Pro Roofing to service or replace it. You can always count on Charlotte Pro Roofing to provide your home with the protection from the elements that it needs. 

With Charlotte Pro Roofing you will keep your belongings safe and sound, and keep the elements out of your home.  So if you are looking for new roofing services in Fourth Ward, Charlotte NC area call us today.  We will arrange a free in-home roofing estimate for your home.