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New roofing in Charlotte NC

New roofing projects are usually delayed beyond the needed time span. Homeowners tend to call local roofing companies only when they start to see signs of roofing leaks. In this short blog, Charlotte Pro Roofing will explain 3 simple roofing warning signs that homeowners can use to identify roof threatening situations. Local roofing contractors use these secret tips to identify …

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Roof replacement

Roof replacement in Charlotte NC, with Charlotte Pro Roofing

Roof replacement To compare all home-related projects, roof replacement is the number one project. Roofing overtakes all other projects, because the roof is what keep the home livable. Each and every investment you attempt, from floor replacement on down to the most delicate swipe of paint, will be demolished in the event that you don’t guarantee you home with a …

Roofing supply companies Charlotte NC


Residential Roofing Materials When ordering roofing material as a roofing contractor in Charlotte NC, you need to know the suppliers. Different suppliers treat roofing material differently. Roofing contractors need to do their research prior to setting up an account with a roofing supply company. Certain suppliers use recycled material, refurbished material, and generic material. In contrast, certain supplier us brand …

Roofing rakes and roofing eaves, Charlotte roofing

roofing contractors charlotte nc, identify Roof rakes and roof eaves

Rakes and eaves work together to create the borders of the roof of a home. Rakes are not always identified on roofs, because hip style roofs consist of only eaves. Gable style roofs contain both rakes and eaves, due to the gable or gables that are on the roofs. In the picture above, you will see where the rakes run …

Charlotte Pro Roofing: Storm Damage Charlotte

Roofing contractor working with roofing insurance adjuster inspecting wind damage - Storm Damage

Charlotte NC has been experiencing severe rain/wind storms in the past month. The storms may have caused wind damage/hail damage to your roofing systems or gutters. Charlotte Pro roofing has had the opportunity to inspect multiple homes for storm damage and we would like to share our findings. First off, most homes affected by wind/hail damage have visible signs. The problem with …

Contingency Agreement – Roofing

contingency agreement

Roofing contractors in Charlotte NC have started to use contingency agreement contracts prior to working with homeowners and insurance companies. Most roofing contractors have at least one incident where they did all the leg work, just to realize the homeowner when to another roofer just so that they can pocket some of the money. What is a contingency agreement contract? …

Gutters and Roofing systems

Leaf Guard Gutters

Most every roof in United states has some kind of gutter system that is used to prevent rain getting into the basement and close to the home’s foundation. These folks in Charlotte North Carolina seemed to have a premium gutter system, the LeafGuard Gutters, but looking at the fairly new Barkwood architectural shingles, it seems that when the installers came …

Roof Repairs- Camouflaging the Problem.

roof repairs

Every so often we come across some interesting roofs in Charlotte, and today was one of those days! While heading over to do an estimate for a customer, I had to stop and do a double take to make sure I was not seeing things. The roof in the above picture is an intersecting gable roof that has mismatching shingles …